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6 Reasons You Should Get Life Insurance Today

Wondering why life insurance is so important?  Here are 6 reasons why you should considering getting life insurance today.

1. Life insurance can replace income & provide for loved ones 

If your loved ones depend on your income, getting life insurance will ensure they will be taken care of in the event of your death. A grieving partner has enough to contend with without worrying about making ends meet.

2. Life insurance can pay funeral expenses & outstanding debts 

According to, the average Irish funeral costs around €5,000. Some burial plots in Dublin cost up to €16,000. There is a A Widowed (Parent) or Surviving Civil Partner Grant available. In addition to funeral expenses, your insurance policy can cover other outstanding debts, like credit cards and car loans.

3. Life insurance can help you leave an inheritance

You can leave money to your loved ones by purchasing a life insurance policy and naming them as beneficiaries. Having a life insurance policy as part of your estate means you can increase the inheritance you leave to your family / partner.

4. It provides mortgage protection 

A life insurance policy will help pay the mortgage and protect your loved ones from the risk of losing their home.

5. Buying life insurance at a early age means lower premiums 

The best time to buy a life insurance policy is NOW. Premiums increase with age, so you will never get a better deal.

6. It offers peace of mind 

Life is uncertain, but providing for your loved ones in the event of your death provides certainty that they will be looked after when you’re gone. You will feel more secure knowing that they will be protected from financial worries during a very difficult time.

Goggin Insurances understand your individual needs and provide you with the best and cheapest Life Insurance quotes. We also provide Mortgage and Income Protection, Serious Illness Cover, Investments Services, and Life Pensions. Get a Quote Today!


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