13 Essential Tips For Winter Weather Driving

Before setting off on any journey in severe Winter weather, ask yourself is road travel absolutely necessary? If it is, follow these tips to prepare your vehicle well and drive with caution.


1. Check your Wipers

Wiper blades wear down over time and worn blades could obscure your view when driving in sleet, snow, or freezing rain. Replace these as soon as they start to smear windows.

2. Check Tyre Pressure

Keep your tyre pressure at the manufacturer’s recommended level and make sure have at least 3 millimetres of tread depth

3. Check your Spare Wheel

Make sure your spare wheel is functional and fully inflated.

4. Check your Lights

Make sure all of your lights are working correctly so you will be fully visible to other drivers in heavy snowfall.

5. Use Anti-freeze Screen Wash

If you don’t have it, buy anti-freeze screen wash which will keep your windshield free of ice and dirt.

6. Expect the Unexpected

Put a Hi-viz jacket, shovel, boots or wellingtons, extra clothing or a blanket and a flask in the boot
13 Essential Tips For Winter Weather Driving

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