Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning should be a vital part of your financial planning going forward. Retirement planning can be quite simple. If you have already set up a pension when was the last time you reviewed it ?

Retirement Planning

  • Company Pension
  • Personal Pension
  • PRSA Pension (Personal Retirement Savings Account)
  • Retirement Bond

When providing advice, Goggin Insurances does not consider the adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability. We will review this annually and make revisions when and if appropriate.

Get Peace of Mind with Retirement Planning

Your Pension savings plan is designed to help provide you with income later in your life. Although there are many different types of pensions, the most common types of plans are Personal Pensions and Executive Pensions.

As part of our comprehensive retirement planning service, we analyse any existing or frozen pensions to ensure they are still providing value for money in terms of cost, performance, investment risk, and choice.

Pension contributions also benefit from tax relief, which can help boost retirement savings and make pension planning an attractive option for many people.