8 Essential Do’s and Don’ts to Ensure Child Safety in Cars


1. When you are driving with a child in the back, make sure the child locks are switched on and functioning correctly. This prevents children from opening the door when the car is moving.
2. Consider buying a reclining child car seat for long journeys. This will help support your child’s head and neck if they fall asleep.
3. Install your new child car seat correctly and consult the instruction manual for details on the right location, whether rear-facing or forward facing.


4. Never place your child on your lap, no matter how short your journey is. If the car stops suddenly or is involved in a crash, they will be in serious danger.
5. Never leave a child on his or her own in the car.
6. Always remove the keys from the ignition whilst the car isn’t in use.
7. Don’t put your child into the car seat wearing a bulky jacket, as you cannot secure your child safely and the car seat will be less effective in the event of a crash. In cold weather, use blankets to keep your child warm instead of a jacket.
8. Seat belt extensions or chest clips are not recommended by the RSA as they can put your child at risk to other dangers.

Information from RSA

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