7 Ways to Increase Home Security at Christmas

1. Secure Christmas Lights

Don’t feed extension cables through partially opened windows to power outdoor lights. Instead, use solar or battery powered lights.

2. Exercise Social Media Discretion

Don’t advertise your current location or your holiday plans on Social Media. Refrain from posting photos of gifts. Burglars use Social Media, particularly Facebook, to find out who is away, where they live, and what they have. Read an excellent article on this HERE.

3. Keep Gifts & Valuables Out of Sight

Close your curtains and window blinds at night. Don’t openly display your gifts where they can be clearly seen from the garden.

4. Plan Holiday Security

If you are planning a trip away this Christmas, read our tips for keeping your home safe while you’re gone.

5. Deterrence is the Best Defense

If you don’t have one, invest in a sensor floodlight. Outdoor Christmas lights can also make burglars conspicuous when approaching your home.

6. Get Rid of Gift Packaging

Don’t place empty boxes from expensive gifts out on bin collection day. Break them up or bring them to a local recycling centre.

7. Secure Your Doors and Windows

Check that your doors windows are secure and, if necessary, install secondary locks. Deadbolt locks are an excellent addition.

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